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Color: 30g with scraper
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Having damages, cracks, holes or stains on your wall?

There is a quick and easy solution - The Ultra Wall Repair Sealant!

The formula is easy to use. Simply apply a thin, smooth layer of the product with a scraper to cover the damaged areas or stains. No mixing is required.

It drys white and blends well with most white walls. The sealant stays firmly on the wall and does not come off easily.

Scrape the excess dry sealant and you’ll be amazed to its result, it perfectly covers up the cracked in your wall!

  • INSTANT WALL REPAIR. This Ultra Wall Repair Sealant is an instant repair to hole and cracks on your wall.
  • SAFE TO USE. Made of glue, resin and carbonate cover, this wall repair sealant is non-toxic, non-corrosive and formaldehyde-free. You may wear gloves while applying.
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    • EASY TO APPLY. Just simply squeeze it to the cracked area on your wall. Scrape it to form a smooth, thin layer to cover the damages. Wait for it to dry. Then, you get the smooth wall back again.
    • LONG LASTING RESULT. This Ultra Wall Repair Sealant is waterproof and does not come off easily.
    • EASY CONTROL OF OUTPUT AMOUNT. A hose head can be attached to the product for uniform control of output and makes it easy to apply at corners.
    • WORKS WITH PAINTS. Paintable with latex or oil-based paints
      How to Use:
      1. Clean up the damaged wall surface, clear the floating block, floating dust, revealing the hard solid surface.
      2. Scrape a thin layer on the treated substrate.
      3. Wait for the thin layer to dry, scrape the second layer, can be properly thickened
      4. For the pit, the pit should be filled first, but it must be filled in batches.
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        Enjoy a beautiful and smooth wall, cover up those crack and hole on it instantly with this Ultra Wall Repair Sealant!


        Net Weight: 250g

        Ingredients: wall glue, resin and carbonate cover

        A free scraper included


        1 x Ultra Wall Repair Sealant

        1 x Scrapper

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